Mama Mia!

Directed By: Nino Casisi

Audition Dates: May 18th @ 10am-1pm


May 3rd, 4th & 5th @ 6:30pm-10pm

Performance Dates: July 26, 27 & August 2, 3, 9, 10 @ 7:30pm


August 11th @ 2pm

at the Old Hollywood Theater 500 Delaware St. Leavenworth, KS

Please click here for Audition Tips

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MUSIC:  Please prepare 16-32 bars of an up-tempo or ballad from modern musical theatre or contemporary pop song in the style of Mamma Mia (Disco, 70’s pop but not an ABBA song from the show itself) to showcase your vocal range and in your key. Your audition piece should be completely memorized and please have a copy for the accompanist (whom will be provided) with your vocal part highlighted. No a cappella singing nor any music from a device (i.e. CD, I-POD, MP3, Cell phone, etc.)

FAMILIARITY: Please, try to be familiar with the concept of the show, the characters and the music from the show; the more you are prepared, the better chances you have to get a role.

CHOREOGRAPHY:  On Saturday, June 1, there will be a DANCE WORKSHOP (from 10am-1pm) for all those who want to be considered for one of the many dance positions in this show.  At this workshop, you will be taught a moderate to difficult dance combo that will demonstrate your skills as a dancer.  No preparation necessary, but please prep yourself physically and mentally.  Please wear proper clothing and footwear (you will have some time to change into these). If you do not audition at this workshop, your chances of getting a dance role will be limited as there will be only one other dance audition available (May 18 – times TBA - for an open call Music and Dance audition), including Principle Roles and Supporting Roles who dance throughout the show.

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