monty Python's Spamalot

Music by John Du Prez, Eric Idle & Neil Innes/ Lyrics by Eric Idle / Book by Eric Idle

Directed by: Nino Casisi

Music Directed by: Michelle McIntire

Choreography by: Anna Leigh Nissen

Audition Dates: June 5th & 6th @ 6:30pm-10pm

Callback Date: June 7th @ 6:30pm-10pm *by Director Invitation ONLY*

Performance Dates: July 28th & 29th August 4, 5, 11, & 12 @ 8pm and August 13th @ 2pm

at the Old Hollywood Theater 500 Delaware St. Leavenworth, KS

please click here for Audition Tips


MUSIC:  Please prepare 16-32 bars of a song to showcase your vocal range and in your key.  Your audition piece should be completely memorized and please have a copy for the accompanist (whom will be provided) with your vocal part highlighted. No a cappella singing but we will accept music from a device (i.e. CD, I-POD, MP3, Cell phone, etc.)

FAMILIARITY: Please, try to be familiar with the concept of the show, the characters and the music from the show; the more you are prepared, the better chances you have to get a role.

CHOREOGRAPHY:  Be prepared to learn basic choreography as well.  Wear proper clothing and footwear (you will have some time to change into these).  Whether the character you are auditioning for dances or not, we need to know if you are a mover or a dancer. There are many opportunities for dancers in this show.

WHAT TO BRING:  Current Resume and a complete list of conflicts from June 12 – August 13.  Dedication and commitment to Summit Theatre Group, the director and fellow actors is of utmost importance. Regarding conflicts, please remember Vacations and your Holiday Schedule before auditioning, as these may be a factor in the casting process. Headshots are welcome, but not required.  Rehearsals will start on Monday, June 12th and typically run Monday – Friday with possibly some weekend rehearsals (ample notice will be given if a weekend day is needed). 


KING ARTHUR- Male: 30 – 55 BARITONE - The King of England who sets out on a quest to form the Knights of the Roundtable and find the Holy Grail. Great                 Humor. Good singer. Featured Songs: All for One, Knights of the Round Table, I’m All Alone, Twice in Every Show

LADY OF THE LAKE- Female: 18-45 ALTO/STRONG BELT – A Diva. Strong, beautiful, possesses mystical powers.          The leading lady of the show. Great singing    voice is essential, as she must be able to sing effortlessly in many styles and vocal registers. Featured Songs: Come With Me, The Song That Goes Like This, Find Your   Grail, The Song That Goes Like This/Camelot reprise, Diva’s Lament (Whatever Happened to my Part, Twice in Every Show

SIR ROBIN Male- 18 – 35 BARITONE – A Knight of the Roundtable. Ironically called 'Sir Robin the Brave,' though he couldn't be more cowardly. Featured Songs: Knights of the Round Table , All for One, You Won’t Succeed on Broadway, I’m All Alone

SIR LANCELOT- Male: 20’s – 35 BARITONE – He is fearless to a bloody fault but through a twist of fate, does discover               his 'softer’ side. Featured Songs: Knights of the     Round Table, All for One, I’m All Alone, His Name is Lancelot

PATSY- Male: 18 – 45 BARITONE – King Arthur's horse and servant. Underappreciated but always longing for King Arthur's approval. Good, funny, physical mover.                  Featured Songs: Knights of the Round Table, All for One, I’m All Alone, Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.

SIR BEDEVERE- Male: 20’s – 45 BARITONE – A Knight of the Roundtable. An inept scholar. Featured Songs: Knights of the Round Table, All for One, I’m All Alone

SIR GALAHAD- Male: 20’s – 35 Strong Lyric Baritone – A Knight of the Roundtable. Begins as Dennis, a lower class 'mud gatherer' who becomes Knighted and     transforms into the dashing Sir Galahad. Featured Songs: The Song That Goes Like This, Knights of the Round Table, All for One, I’m All Alone.

PRINCE HERBERT- Male: 18 – 35 TENOR – The hopeful and frilly prince who loves to sing and pines for his love atop                a tower. Featured Songs: Where Are You?, His    Name is Lancelot



FEMALE ENSEMBLE ( 6 Women) Ages 18+ - Finlanders, Plague Villagers/Dead, Laker Girls, Head-Banger Monks, Camelot Vegas Girls, Hostesses, Minstrels, Ladies    in waiting, French People, Can-Can Dancers, Lancelot’s “Butch women”, Knights of Ni, and others.

MALEENSEMBLE (4 Men) Ages 18+ - Finlanders, Plague Villagers/Dead, Head-Banger Monks, Knights of the Round Table, French People, Minstrels, Knights of Ni,           Lancelot’s “guys”, and others. 

**** NOTE: Part of the spirit of SPAMALOT, and in keeping with the tradition of Monty Python, is to have the 4 Ensemble Men and 6 Ensemble Women play multiple roles throughout the show. However, there is a possibility that some of the following supporting roles (listed below) may be doubled by principal actors or played by members of the ensemble. This will be determined in the casting process. If we have someone who is a standout during auditions who would be great for one of the supporting roles that traditionally goes to a principal actor, it would be very tough to deny them that opportunity. We will do our best to have a FULL cast list, including supporting and bit parts, from the very beginning. ****

HISTORIAN: A tweedy academic.

NOT DEAD FRED: A sickly little fellow who, despite others' beliefs claims he is "not yet dead."Featured Song: I Am Not Dead Yet

FRENCH GUARD: The condemnatory French sidekick to the French Taunter.Featured Song: Run Away

LEAD MINSTREL: In Sir Robin's band. Featured Song: Brave Sir Robin

2 DRUNKEN/USELESS GUARDS: 2 drunken/useless guards.

HERBERT'S FATHER: 30’s-50’s A wealthy, brutish Yorkshireman man at odds with his sensitive son.

TIM THE ENCHANTER: 20’s – 50’s A ghostly being with a Scottish accent.

THE BLACK KNIGHT 20’s – 50’s Always ready to duel despite multiple injuries.

KNIGHT OF NI: An absurd, cartoonish leader of a peculiar group of Knights. Stilt-walking preferred.

THE FRENCH TAUNTER: An arrogant, condescending, over-the-top Frenchman.

BROTHER MAYNARD: a long-winded monk.

DENNIS GALAHAD'S MOTHER: a shrill peasant woman.

CONCORDE: Sir Lancelot's horse.

MAYOR: A jolly red-faced man who advertises the merits of his Finnish hometown. Featured Song: Finland/Fisch Schlapping Dance


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